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Vigit is an app designed to help you and your friends make and manage bets against each other, tied to real time sporting events.


There are many apps available to people who simply want to place bets on sporting events. Unfortunately, they are most frequently tied to bets against a large “house,” like a casino. The goal of Vigit is to make it easy to invite your friends to bet on games and provide a simple way to track who wins and loses and who owes whom what. Each bet is tied to a feed of real time sporting events, for tracking purposes.

Proposed Solution

Our client approached us to design a mobile application that would provide a secure and friendly environment for betting your friends on sporting events.

In addition to tying in a feed of live events, the system would allow users to post relevant sporting news, podcasts, and videos for others to view. Users can like and comment on submitted posts which helps create better informed bettors and drive engagement with users.

Design Process

Branding and Inspiration

The Vigit team provided a baseline look and feel for the application, which we worked to refine and strengthen and ultimately turn into a brand guideline. This included refreshing the logo, and developing a color palette for use in the application. We explored a variety of color options, but arrived a simple and clean set of colors – mostly grays and blacks – highlighted by a very strong green. The toned down color palette helps make the submitted content pop, and help the green calls to action stand out and provide an electric feel to the experience.

Vigit Color Palette

Along with choosing a color, we compiled a moodboard for Vigit. Knowing we would have a simple palette, we looked for examples of work that proved a gray and black theme with hints of a bright color could work.

Vigit Moodboard

Requirements Gathering

During the design exploration process, we also met with the client to discuss requirements. The Vigit team had a vision for their product we helped groom into a set of versioned features, with the MVP being a fully usable system. Everything we designed for the first version was built with extensibility in mind to help ease the transition into a second version.


We worked with Vigit to refine the look and feel of the application they presented to us early on, by creating a design system of reusable components built around a strong grid. These elements helped us to create a consistent design across the entire app experience.

Vigit Styleguide

Using our newly updated branding as a guide, we reviewed and updated the designs to be more consistent, readable, and user friendly.

Vigit Mobile App

Launch and Reflection

Vigit will be launching later this year!