About Me

An experienced designer, educator, and manager, I have been with Transmogrify since 2006, and Design Director since 2014. My work emphasizes user experience above all else, and my goal is to create not only usable, but enjoyable web and mobile applications. With a history in designing products for marketing agencies and higher education institutions, I have been a part of IAC Award winning design teams; working for clients ranging from Fortune 500 clients to startups. In my current role of Design Director, I bring an eye for detail and a user-centric design approach to every project.

At Transmogrify I oversee the product and experience design of web and mobile applications across clients in many industries. Working in both a managerial capacity and hands-on design, I’ve created applications for clients ranging from startups to the Fortune 500.

Day-to-day, I manage a team of designers and business stakeholders working through a design process that delivers research, wireframes, prototypes, high-fidelity mockups, and ultimately well-made apps, for clients such as Penn Medicine, Intuit, Urban Outfitters, ADP, Fulton Bank, and Subaru of America.

I received my B.F.A. in Multimedia from University of the Arts in Philadelphia.