Hackett Best Practice Intelligence Center

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The Hackett Best Practice Intelligence Center is an application focused on providing clients of The Hackett Group a customized reference guide on how to improve their businesses, using Hackett’s tried-and-true-best practices.


The Hackett Group is currently using a version of this product that requires customers know the information architecture of the product to find solutions to their business problems. In addition, new stakeholders are interested in using this platform to guide their customers through a business improvement process and are having a hard time finding their way around.

Proposed Solution

Using what the client has learned in using the current version of the application, we set out to build a new version of the BPIC that is more robust. Focusing on content personalization, enhanced discovery, and the ability to find content most related to a customer’s problem-at-hand.

Design Process

Requirements Gathering

We worked with the client to identify a new system for organizing the library of information available from the current BPIC. This system would be focused on modular information, available via multiple channels; allowing users to either search for what they want or browse topics and issues to find relevant information. Once we had a strategy in mind for the information architecture, we began the wireframing.


Because there were multiple stakeholders for this product, our goal was to build a testable prototype, which our client could shop around for feedback.

BPIC Wireframes

BPIC Wireframes

BPIC Wireframes

Style Guide

Having defined the user experience and functionality in the wireframes, we saw an opportunity to build a set of reusable design components that would exist throughout the final mockups. These would allow us to quickly build the pages we need to complete the design process.

BPIC Styleguide

Content Cards

Our focus with the new version of the BPIC was to create more “modular” content, which could be accessed in any number of ways. In order to accomplish this, we boiled the Hackett IP down into its most basic form, and designed a set of reusable “card” elements for display on pages.

BPIC Content Cards


Once all of the stakeholders have approved of the wireframes, we begin rolling them into full-fledged mockups using the style guide and content cards we’ve designed.

BPIC Mockup

BPIC Mockup

BPIC Mockup

Launch and Reflection

The new version of The Hackett Best Practice Intelligence center is set to launch this year, but the response from stakeholders so far has been tremendous. We’re as excited as they are to see it in action.