AmorSui is an IoT solution for tracking and managing custom designed lab safety apparel.


AmorSui’s product is a two-pronged approach to improving safety within a clinical laboratory setting. 1. Leverage fashion to build a customer base around customers not only wanting to be safe, but also look good in a clinical setting. 2. Use technology to track lab safety compliance and the maintenance of PPE. Our job was to work with AmorSui to design and build a system for tracking the wearing and washing of their clothing using RFID technology.

Proposed Solution

Our goal for the AmorSui mobile app was to make the experience of tracking your PPE non-intrusive for the end user, but also affordable for the laboratory to install. We designed a self-managed system using RFID tags sewn into clothing that users would scan with a native mobile app before entering a lab. This process would effectively mark that coat as “worn.”

On the backend, administrators would enter the clothing safety information; including the number of times clothing can be worn before washing, and the number of times the clothing can be washed before it’s no longer considered safe to wear in a lab setting. When users check into labs, the app will alert them if it’s time for a wash, or if the apparel is at end of life.

We also developed a system for earning rewards for meeting lab safety requirements on a regular basis. Lab administrators are able to enter rewards that can be earned by meeting these safety goals.

Design Process


Our first step in defining the AmorSui experience was to map a path through the application. Because the experience had to be non-intrusive to the workflow of a typical lab worker, we began with a sitemap so that we could identify any potential pain points and ensure an easy-to-use experience.

AmorSui Sitemap


Using our sitemap, we built a wireframed prototype of the AmorSui application to demo with potential users. At this stage we gathered feedback and revised the wireframes to provide an optimal experience for checking into a lab, scanning the PPE, and tracking wear/wash and compliance data.

AmorSui Wireframes

AmorSui Wireframes


After we arrived at a final, well-tested, user experience, we set about defining the aesthetics of the app. Our goal was to create something that felt clean but not sterile, and to focus on a friendly look and feel. We designed this experience from scratch to include motion effects to provide an “organic” experience.

AmorSui Mockups

AmorSui Mockups

Launch and Reflection

We are currently working with AmorSui to raise funds for development of the app to be used in a few test environments. We’re looking forward to seeing it in action, and hope that it can assist in the current demand for clean and safe PPE.